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Sport nutrition - ACTIVLAB

ACTIVLABsports nutrition is an extensive line of supplements, functional foods and beverages for athletes, active people and advocates of a healthy, convenient lifestyle. ACTIVLAB is produced and distributed by Regis Food Technology based on licence. 

The Activlab product range provides:

  • Muscle & Strength - for people who want to build the muscle mass in a natural, healthy way. Activlab protein complexes, amino acids and creatine products develope muscle mass and strength for athletes seeking healthy solutions to performance enhancment and physical development
  • Energy - products for increasing energy, stamina, isotonic drinks and  supplements designed restore strength, improve concentration and well being
  • Shape designed to improve physique and increase the effectiveness of diets, products we offer a wide range of L-Carnitine and fat burners with natural ingredients and vitamins combined to support shaping various target areas in men and women
  • Health - modern complexes of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts supporting the resistance to illness, health and well being.

ACTIVLAB is expanding a new line of functional, convenient and healthy soups Your Soup Fit, Your Soup Vita and Master Meal.  These products combine the consumer segment demand for instant, functional and healthy foods. Your Soup Fit and Your Soup Vita have been awarded the “discovery of the Year” for 2010.

ACTIVLAB products are available in the following retail outlets in Poland: ROSSMANN, TESCO, REAL, Peter and Paul, e. Leclerk, SUPER-PHARM, INTERSPORT, in many fitness clubs, gyms, boutique health shops and in pharmacies.