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Laboratory services

REGIS provides laboratory support behalf of clients:

  • Studies designed test the levels of elements within powdered meats and other ingredients
  • Analysis of the levels of protein content using the the Kjeldahl method, and levels of phosphates, fat content, chloride, water, ash, and hydroxyproline
  • We also measurement the viscosity of ingredients in a wide range of temperatures
  • Within the framework of microbiological analyses, we stringently check for the following dangerous microbes in our raw materials: Mezofilnych, coliform bacteria, Escherichię coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus Aureus, molds and yeasts, bacteria-reducing anaerobic sulfate (II)
  • Within the framework of the research in sensory we conducted a comparative analysis of products due to their: taste, smell, color, texture

Laboratory – Physical and Chemical Analysis
Performs analysis of basic raw materials and innovative ingredients. Data gathered is used for labeling requirements of  proteins, phosphates, fat, salt, water, ash and hydroxyproline as required by regulations.
Pooled analyses of the viscosity of thickeners, and in particular, the determination of the relationship of viscosity and temperature. The laboratory also conducts tests on the texture of meat products.
The laboratory has a FTNIR Spectrometer (near infrared) Spectrum from the NTS company Perkin-Elmer. The spectrometer used to study the elements of raw materials and products in the framework and requirements of the Department of quality control. This device is used to test the quality to pharmaceutical standards of all batches of products to eliminate any variations to the specific recipe and premium quality of all REGIS products.

Microbiological testing
All products and raw materials undergo extensive analysis for micro-organisms that have the potential to impact the health of the consumer.
The laboratory of REGIS is responsible for quality control and testing of all finished products and raw materials received.  Please see the study in the white paper on REGIS Quality Control.

Sensory test
REGIS has invested in a modern, fully equipped, laboratory for sensory analyses. The facility is contained and regulated and staffed with experts in sensory evaluation to ensure the taste, smell and texture of all foods and beverages are of the highest standards. The creation of a professional sensory lab gives REGIS a competative edge is rapid product innovation and quality control of our products.